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Bill Berg 7-24-15

The Greatest Arrangement of Judah

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Bill Berg 7-18-15

Sacred Vows and Kinsman Redeemer

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Burt Yelin 7-11-15

The Blessing and Cursing of G-d

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Burt Yellin 7-4-15

Baalim, Balak - Blessing and Cursing

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Burt Yellin 6-27-15


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Sam Childers 6-20-15

The Machine Gun Preacher - part 2

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Sam Childers 6-19-15

The Machine Gun Preacher

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Burt Yellin 6-13-15

The Love of the World

In anticipation of Sam Childers aka "The Machine Gun Preacher" visiting next week, Burt has asked to post this link to a you tube video interview with Pastor Childers.

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Burt Yellin 6-6-15

Burt Yellin followed by musician Jimmy Black

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Burt Yellin 5-30-15

What is a Life Worth?

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